a partial index of published architectural rendering

RNDRD is a partial index of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the 20th century. We do not publish photographs of completed work, only renderings: drawings, collage, models and graphics of all sorts. Our source materials are (mostly) out-of-print academic and trade journals. We cull the most striking, typical and atypical images from thousands of pages of print that will not be available online. As the internet increasingly becomes the main source for designers to draw on precedence, RNDRD hopes to provide a broader sample of the history of architectural image making.

All images are posted as fair use. They are for personal study, education, research and scholarship. Any other use will require permission from the copyright owners. RNDRD does not own the copyright to any image on rndrd.com. RNDRD does not maintain a database of copyright owners.

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